China Prize

China Prize

The 2015 China Prize provides two $5,000 (USD) traveling fellowships to help students in the field of Architecture and Urban Design to broaden their education and gain an understanding of society’s need to improve the built and natural environments. Similar study grants awarded in the United States by the SOM Foundation are an important measure of design achievement among Architecture students and their sponsors. These awards also recognize the excellence of the schools in training the leading architects of the next generation.

Eligibility: Applicants must be in the last two years of university in the People’s Republic of China as an undergraduate or graduate degree candidate in Architecture or Urban Design.

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The Skidmore, Owings & Merrill Foundation Announces Winners of the 2015 China Prize


The Skidmore, Owings & Merrill (SOM) Foundation is pleased to announce two (2) winners of an SOM China Prize for 2015, for which each recipient will receive a $5,000 Fellowship for travel and research outside of China.   The Winners were selected from among Applicants enrolled in the last two years of either an undergraduate or a graduate degree program, in either Architecture or Urban Design at a university in the People’s Republic of China. The Jury, comprised of architects practicing in China, noted that beyond the winners, a very high quality of work was to be found in other outstanding submissions.  The Jury has selected the following students as the recipients of the 2015 China Prize: 


  • Xin Ji, a student at Southeast University, will receive a Master’s Degree in Architecture in June 2015, and plans to travel to Boston and New York in the United States to carry out his proposed research topic of “The Relationship Between Public Urban Spaces and Economic Urban Diversity”.
  • 季欣,系东南大学学生,将于2015年6月获得建筑学硕士学位,计划到美国波士顿及纽约旅行,开展题为“公共城市空间与经济城市多样性之间的关系”的研究。
  • Jinhui Wang, a student at Tianjin University, will receive a Bachelor’s Degree in Architecture in  June 2015, and plans to travel to Japan and India to carry out his proposed research about “The Classical Spirit and Contemporary Architecture of Cities”.  
  • 王金晖,系天津大学学生,将于2015年6月获得建筑学本科学位,计划到日本和印度旅行,开展题为“城市的古典精神与当代建筑学”的研究。

Established in 1979, the SOM Foundation Travel and Research Fellowships for Architecture, Urban Design and Structural Engineering, are internationally recognized for their mission to nurture future leaders in design by awarding the prestigious annual Fellowships to students in the United States, and more recently in the United Kingdom and China.  The awards provide students with an opportunity for learning outside of their traditional academic environment through travel to observe architecture, history, culture and design. Since inception, the SOM Foundation Fellowship Program has provided over 200 students with the opportunity to broaden their cultural and aesthetic horizons through travel outside of their country.


Competition details and deadlines for the 2016 SOM China Prize will be posted here in mid-winter 2016.