China Prize

China Prize

The 2016 China Prize provides three $5,000 (USD) traveling fellowships to help students in the field of Architecture and Urban Design to broaden their education and gain an understanding of society’s need to improve the built and natural environments. Similar study grants awarded in the United States by the SOM Foundation are an important measure of design achievement among Architecture and Urban Design students. These awards also recognize the excellence of the schools in training the leading architects of the next generation.

Eligibility: Applicants must be in the last two years of university in the People’s Republic of China as an undergraduate or graduate degree candidate in Architecture or Urban Design. Chinese citizenship is not required.

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The Skidmore, Owings & Merrill Foundation Announces Winners
of the 2016 China Prize


The Skidmore, Owings & Merrill (SOM) Foundation is pleased to announce three (3) winners of an SOM China Prize for 2016, for which each recipient will receive a $5,000 Fellowship for travel and research outside of China. The Winners were selected from among Applicants enrolled in the last two years of either an undergraduate or a graduate degree program, in either Architecture or Urban Design at a university in the People’s Republic of China. The Jury, comprised of architects practicing in China, noted that beyond the winners, a very high quality of work was to be found in other outstanding submissions. The Jury has selected the following students as the recipients of the 2016 China Prize:


  1. Qiaozhi Li李乔智(Tianjin University, undergraduate天津大学,本科)
  2. Su Tianyu苏天宇(Tsinghua University, undergraduate清华大学,本科)
  3. Li Dai戴黎 (Huazhong University of Science and Technology, undergraduate华中科技大学,本科)

Established in 1979, the SOM Foundation Travel and Research Fellowships for Architecture, Urban Design and Structural Engineering, are internationally recognized for their mission to nurture future leaders in design by awarding the prestigious annual Fellowships to students in the United States, and more recently in the United Kingdom and China. The awards provide students with an opportunity for learning outside of their traditional academic environment through travel to observe architecture, history, culture and design. Since inception, the SOM Foundation Fellowship Program has provided over 200 students with the opportunity to broaden their cultural and aesthetic horizons through travel outside of their country. SOM基金会创立于1979年,其旅行研究奖学金授予活动拓展涵盖了建筑、城市设计及结构工程领域,通过向美国、近年来更多向英国和中国学子授予年度奖学金、以培养未来设计领导者为宗旨,这在国际上广受赞誉。该项目为学生们提供突破传统学术环境的学习机会,通过出国旅行的方式亲身体验建筑、历史、文化及设计。SOM基金会自创立以来,已为200多名学生提供了出国旅行开阔其文化及美学视野的机会。